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    Help your community by sharing your knowledge..! In this section you can upload videos or clips to share the latest and greatest in healthcare industry.
    To maintain the quality of the content on the website, only Register Users, Advisors and School Officials are allowed to upload video on this site. For others who want to upload please contact the administrator / moderator for specific rights.

    To upload a video: 1. First upload you video on YouTube. (How to - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w-gQAwS2uc )2. Click on "Video Tutorials" 3. Click on "New Article"
    4. Give "Title" and same details as "SEO URL Alias"
    5. Now open your video on you tube. Then copy the last digits of the URL that appear after the "=" sign. These can be numeric or alpha numeric.
    6. Replace the part xxxxxxx below with the copied details. Also copy past the link from the YouTube address bar in the blue section shown below:
    [video=youtube;[COLOR=blue]xxxxxxxx[/COLOR]]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxxxxx [/video]
    7. On the right side column Click on "Publish" and select the section "Video Tutorials"
    8. Don't forget to add "MetaTag" information so that users can search your video.

    Please contact administrator or webmaster for any help you need.